*Updated* Tokyo International Seminar and Shinsa Schedules

Post date: Mar 28, 2018 12:3:30 AM

*New information*

The Tokyo Budokan will be used for Chinese speakers only. All AKR members and most of the participants from the Americas will be together at the Chuo Dojo, only Uruguay and Paraguay will be at the Shiseikan.

Further information regarding registration will be provided soon.

*Original post below*

We have just recently been sent the 3 attached schedules for the Tokyo International seminar and Shinsa. Please look them over. There is some information that could be critical to the B seminar attendees.

    • Some sections of Group B Seminar will be at the Tokyo Budokan

    • This could be a concern of attendees that have already housed themselves by Meiji Jingu. Please share this information with anyone in the B Seminar.

    • We have no info as of this writing as to which B Groups will go to the Budokan and which will be at Chuo dojo (Meiji Jingu).

    • Group A Seminar and all Shinsa (regardless of group) will be at Meiji Jingu.

To give folks a better idea of this situation here is a Google map that may give you some idea of Budokan's location in relation to Chuo Dojo: https://goo.gl/maps/UmxamJtvKvp.