“Quality” instead of “Quantity"

Post date: Sep 13, 2016 7:28:58 PM

From the July edition, 2016:

Every year at this event one hanshi is selected and awarded the “Yushu-Sah Sho” (award of Excellence in performance). This prestigious award was given to Mariko Satake hanshi this year. Satake hanshi who visited the US to instruct at seminars a few times in the past is known for this prestige. The recipient of this prestigious award usually gives some comment and I would like to introduce a few lines of her comment which sends us good insight to her shooting attitude. I think it is fortunate to share her wisdom and spirit which is encouraging to us who live very busy everyday lives today yet try to pursue the way of the bow.

It was 50 years ago that she attended the “Kyoto Taikai” for the first time in her life. Then, like any other women, she experienced the managing of both the household and raising children. Her kyduo training existed within such busy days and she was trying to squeeze in time for her practice.

At that time, as a busy home maker, that she could not do quantity practice as much as she wished.

However she fought her way by seeking “Quality” instead of “Quantity’. When Yakazu-geiko was difficult she told herself that when she practiced “This hitote is Yawatashi” and she told herself another time “This hitoe is Sharei”. Satake hanshi realized the important thing is that how she lives reflects her shooting. If the everyday life is fulfilled such a life affects the shooting.

She added her sincere gratefulness to all the people in her life. She thinks that receiving such an award is truly “Okagesama” (thanks to) to those who supported her through her kyudo life.


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Many of you know about the “All Nippon Kyudo Taikai” which is the largest competition that takes place in May of every year. Because it always takes place in Kyoto, this competition is well recognized as the “Kyoto Taika” among kyu-shi.