Kyudo Magazine Exerpts: Nov., 2016

Post date: Feb 23, 2017 8:56:52 PM

By : Yoshiko Buchanan

The Nov. Edition of the Kyudo Magazine focused on the 2016 Japan Championships, both mens and women’s.

I would like to present the video of the 20 finalists of both men and women.

The 20 finalists (men):

I suppose that the 20 women’s finalists’ video may have been removed. I could not find it. I still can introduce the five women shooting at the 2nd preliminary round.

Yawatashi by Satake Mariko Hanshi Hachidan:

Needless to say you should do a mitorigeiko on Satake sensei’s shooting and the taihai movement but you can also study the Daiichikaizoe. Pay attention, especially to the timing as the daiichi kaizoe changes his direction to follow the ite.

This timing is to keep the attention of the daichi kaizoe straight to the ite, which was instructed at the 2016 Overseas Special Seminar in Tokyo last Oct.

The overall evaluation was given by two judges:

Men’s tournament: One of the two judges is saying that the archers looked indeed like the selected archers. Their quality of shooting and taihai was doubtlessly well. However he points out a few basic things that should be improved. One of them is walking. Bending the knees and showing the heels were often seen. It should be practiced in daily life.

A wrong method of a retiring movement was seen. Be mindful to perform this correctly to be a good example. About shooting technique, a small hikiwake was seen and as a consequence the hands and arms were used instead of using the body. The last thing was tenouchi at zanshin. Tenouchi should remain the same thru kai, hanare and zanshin. Effort should be made toward