August edition, 2016

Post date: Sep 13, 2016 7:32:46 PM

The August edition is reporting about six new hanshis in 2016

Koichiro Kuramoto hanshi (Kagoshima pref.), Heiji Murakawa hanshi (Tokyo Municip.), Kiyoshi Shohoji hanshi (Hiroshima pref.), Shizuo Takahashi hanshi (Gunma pref.), Kiyoji Niikura hanshi (Chiba pref.) and Chiyoko Iijima hanshi (Saitama pref.) It is remarkable that the ANKF has another female hanshi after several years. At the same time Kenkichi Noro sensei was promoted to 9th dan in May, 2016. He has become 99 years old this June! Noro sensei visited the US seminar (San Jose) in 2001 as the chief instructor. He is very healthy and actively teaching his students four to five time a week.

Announcement of the 131th Meiji Shrine Zenkoku Kyudo Taikai

Sponsor: ANKF

Cosponsor: Meiji shrine

Time: November 3rd, 2016 (Thursday)

Venue: ANKF Chuo Dojo and Miji Shrine Shiseikan Kyudojo, Tokyo, Japan

Competition category: Kinteki (28m)/Indivisual

Competition Groups: Shogo, Yudansha (Rank holders) and Mudan (no rank)

Admission: 3,100 Yen

(Application is by individual as of 8/31/2016. Vist the ANKF website to obtain the application form.)

2016 Japan Russia Friendship Kyudo Exchange Event took place in St. Petersburg in Russia

This event took place upon the request from the Japan Russia Cultural Exchange Center (as translated by Y.B.) and IPO "Kyudo Federation". The event began on the 14th of June and ended on the 19th. According the report the participants of the event intently practiced the two day local seminar and another two day seminar with members from other cities. They enjoyed the tournament of both individual and group on the 18th and the 19th. There were 21 members from St. Petersburg, 6 members from Moscow, 2 members from other groups and 5 students from the International Budo University/ANKF.

2016 first ANKF General Meeting was held

The report contains several administrative matters such as the report of the 2017 events, change of committee members, election

of auditor, draft of the 2015 financial report and 2018 event plan and budget. There is not a specific topic on the IKYF. Visit this page of the IKYF website. I think it would enrich your kyudo study.


- ANKF for their permission to publish

- Yoshiko sensei and Shiseikan for sharing the translations for the AKR website.