AKR Update April/May 2014

Post date: Jul 08, 2014 6:11:20 PM

Dear AKR members,

I hope all of you are enjoying the nice days of early summer. This edition covers topics from May through June. The 2nd Sekai Kyudo Taikai is around the corner and there is important information attached to this edition. Please see the files and distribute them to your members. They need this information definitely. The AKR wishes the very best to the US team and all the participants to the 2014 IKYF event in Paris.

The $200 AKR grant has been presented to Fumiko, Miho and Kevin already with a good luck card. Asahi America , Dan sensei, helped the AKR to buy new kyudo-gi for the US team and Kato sensei prepared US flag patches for them. The Us flag patch will be placed on the right sleeve of the dogi. Do you know the "stars" are embroidered on the right hand side of the patch in the case were they wear the flag on their right sleeve? There is always something to learn.

AKR office

1) From the AKR

a) A $200 grant was presented. The US team has received the full support from theAKR. I would like to thank again to all the federations.

I received the kind support from AKR for the Sekai-Taikai in Paris. Thank you very much for the kind consideration; it helps a lot.

Please convey my gratitude to the AKR board members as well. Sincerely, Miho Oyasu

I have received the grant from AKR. Thank you for your support and we'll do our best. Kevin

I received the check yesterday. Thank you for your kind support for us to participate to the Taikai. Thank you. Fumiko Takada

b) "A GUIDE TO PREPARE FOR TESTING IN JAPAN" is almost complete. There are a couple of notes to be added. It will be provided to you soon.

This guide was created to help the AKR members when they travel to Japan (possibly to Europe as well) to take a shinsa examination. It is now posted to the AKR web site. This is the first attempt and will be revised or updated as the contents are changed or the ANKF may add more information. Please read the guide and help your members who plan to visit Japan to take their tests. If you have any questions or suggestions to improve this guide please feel free to contact the AKR office at 4-8-292-4669 oreclayyoshiko@gmail.com. I would like to thank Howard Houng (former SoCKR/Tokyo Daiichi, Michael Rich (SCKR) and Carly sensei (MNKR) for creating the guide. It will be posted to the AKR web site also for your further reference.

c) Translator(s) Wanted!! The ANKF is providing all the local renmei contacts in Japan. It would be useful if this list of the Japanese local federation contact is in English.

The more AKR members travel to Japan and take tests at a local renmei, the more the need of such contact information. This list of the Japanese local renmeis has the contact person's name, phone # and email address. I would like to have a volunteer(s) who can put this info into English. Please contact Yoshiko Buchanan at 408-292-4669or eclayyoshiko@gmail.com . It would be nice if someone from the 2013 seminar interpreters could try this translation or anyone who wishes to take this challenge please come forward and help us.

d) The ANKF has revised the Tournament rules (It was posted on the ANKF web site, so please visit it to find the Japaese version.). Now Hartman sensei has translated the shooting timing of "Sannin-dachi, zasha/rissha" and Gonin-dachi, zasha/rissha". Overall the speed of the sequence is faster than the old timing. The IKYF has confirmed that this new timing will be used at Paris. The US team has been informed about this new timing. Many thanks to Hartman sensei. See the attached file.

e) Future discussion topics (important):

1) 2014 AKR General Meeting: As all the representatives know, the AKR General Meeting takes place at the US national seminar. However there is no national seminar this year because it is the once in four year IKYF Seminar and Taikai year. The AKRoffice has begun working on this matter and you will be contacted shortly to discuss how to mange this years AKR Genera Meeting.

2) AKR election: This will be the main topic of the 2014 AKR General Meeting. You will be notified

There are a few other old businesses items such as "Status of Affiliates" and "Allowance to the instructors to travel overseas" that have to be decided. We should find ways to discuss in person or by email to clear these topics. ( so far no comments have been received as of 6/30/14)

2) From the IKYF

See the attached files. These files have been delivered to some federations that have members who will attend the 2014 IKYF event in Paris but please make sure to inform them of these files. I think we can share the written test questions at the test in Paris with all the AKR members. All the questions certainly require some study, deep and through. Yondan test is asking about "YU" but Kyudo Kyohon does not explain much about "YU". Godan through Rokudan questions also require a certain depth of study to write answers. Since time is given to the students they must study and all the teachers should help their study. Testing is truly a good opportunity for all of us to brush up our study and to even study deeply and widely. Teachers: Please help your students to write their answers. Participants: Do not hesitate to ask your teacher about questions and write your answer, good, enough but not too much detail.

These files are all related to the IKYF seminar in Paris and the shinsa. It includes the questions for the written test and the "Answer Paper" that they must be used. This is a take home test, so they must write their answer before the test day and submit at seminar registration.

The seminar schedule, English speaking group, is also attached.

3) From the ANKF

The ANKF is offering the test in Paris and the details are attached and mentioned in the IKYF section of this email.